Roses are red………

Flying high now — “101 Ways to Stay Off the IRS Radar” is #3 in Kindle sales today.  The other day, the print book was #74.  Why am I happy?  Because it’s legit. And here comes my tirade on ethics.

When I first wrote my book, all of these “marketers”, “gurus”, “consultants”, “agents”, etc., got in my face and said they could make my book go to #1.  How?  By charging me some exorbitant amount of money and putting me in some nutty category, like Women’s Poetry or Women Writers, etc..  I said no way.  I want to be in the category of taxes, personal finances, etc.  And these “experts” bragged about how THEIR books are bestsellers.  But it’s fake.  And who wants to be a fake #1?  Not me.  Because no gold seal would make me feel good if that’s how it was acquired.

I read a hilarious story about a guy who wanted to prove anyone could have a #1 bestseller by messing with the Amazon categories, and he actually got his book to #1.  Did I mention it was just 1 page and he took a picture of his foot?  I think it was called “Putting My Foot Down”.  (I love that title…..)  And now he adds “Best-Selling Author” to his resume.

My feet belong in the sand; I am not a poet; and I don’t want to make it to #1 that way.  And if #3 is the best I do, that’s fine too.  My goal was to educate and bring tax information in a fun and interesting manner, and I believe I did that.  I don’t need a gold seal.  Would I love one? — sure!  But at this point in my life, I can ignore the parasites and keep on moving forward.  I am not trying to say that I’m Mother Teresa, but I believe that ethics count.

A huge thank you to all who have read the book.  And don’t forget to grab my free report on the 10 Surefire Ways to Spot an IRS scam, available at

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