Giving the finger to the IRS is never a good idea!

It’s never a good idea to give the finger to any federal authority; especially the IRS.

Sadly, a man sent a fake bomb and his real finger to the IRS, as well as a bullet and a joint.  He is now in jail.

In addition to tax issues, there were clearly other factors here that led to this particular act.  I am not a psychiatrist nor do I have specifics on this person’s tax case (nor could I comment if I did), but I can share from experience with hundreds of clients with tax problems that people get stressed out and not everyone has a normal reaction, although most reactions are less drastic.

Many of these people let years and years go by before taking steps to settle their issues.  Another bad idea…….it doesn’t get better with time.

Believe it or not, if you have a tax problem, you have options.  You may not know what they are, but a good tax professional will.

Keep your digits and get help.


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