Equifax, Data Breaches, and the IRS

Today, an executive from Equifax testified in front of Congress.  And some of the Congressmen actually figured out the truth — that this breach has far-reaching effects that won’t end.  The information that was stolen will be as valuable in 3 years as it is today, so it’s not a matter of “if”, but it’s a matter of “when” a cyber thief does something with your personal information.  What a mess!

I’ve been doing a great deal of speaking on the topic of IRS Scams and Identity Theft.  On Thursday, 10/5 at 10 AM, I will be doing the last webinar for CPA Academy in a series of 4 that I have done this year alone.  It’s free and open to all — you do not need to be a tax professional to attend.  Already, over 1,200 people have registered for my last class in this series, so you can tell people are worried and want to know what to do.  Grab your seat here:  https://www.cpaacademy.org/webinars/a0D4400000RpERcEAN

In every virtual class, we have had over 1,000+ people sign up, and it’s not because I am popular.  You have to learn the signs and how to deal with what  is going on with the cyber thieves, IRS scammers, etc.  So many people think they would never fall for these scams, but these fraudsters have learned the lingo and are master manipulators, and smart people get taken in.  There are social security scams, bank scams, tax software scams, student scams, Better Business Bureau scams — you name it, and it’s out there.   I teach people best practices so they are prepared.  But there are some things you can’t prepare for — like Equifax.

If the scammers prepare and file a fraudulent tax return using your information, you will be the victim of tax-related identity theft.  There are some important steps to take to deal with it, and I assure you, the last thing you want to do when it happens is to start running around, Googling this and that.  I have created an ebook to serve as a guide and workbook to help with the EXACT steps to take should you become the victim.  And it costs less than 1 month of credit monitoring, which won’t do you any good when it comes to tax-related identity theft (but it’s still a good thing to have).

Visit RealLifeTaxAdvice.com and reserve your copy now.  It’s on pre-order and will be out before the end of October.

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