Is this real or an IRS Scam?

I don’t understand it………..the IRS has given away BILLIONS in fraudulent returns.  Victims of scammers have lost MILLIONS, and let’s be truthful — how many people have NOT come forward!??!?!  People have lost their life savings, been frightened to death, literally ran from their homes when they thought they would be arrested, etc.  So why don’t more people know about the scams?  Why does the media ignore this?  Why isn’t it on every TV station, in every newspaper, and online?

It’s not just the elderly and immigrants; it’s millennials, it’s EVERYBODY!!!  These scam calls have been perfected with time, and sometimes you just don’t know for sure if it’s really the IRS or a scam.  And the fake notices are really convincing.

I put together 10 points to help people identify a scam.  It’s a quick cheatsheet, and I ask that you share it with your friends and family.  It’s a free download at

If the caller is threatening jail, arrest, etc. — hang up the phone.  We all have to pay our taxes, but this is not how it’s done.  Give the caller NO personal information, and you can call the IRS directly.  Or ask a tax professional (we can spot fake calls and notices more easily than you can because we deal with them every day).  The IRS does not leave threatening messages on your voicemail; they do not contact you by email; they don’t show up in uniforms at your door (victims reported fake IRS agents showing up at their door in brown trooper-style uniforms with a trooper hat).

These scams have been going on for years, and they work.  But the more we can spread the word, the more we can help people.  Download your copy now:

I also talk about the scams in my book “101 Ways to Stay Off the IRS Radar“, available at Amazon and  It’s less than $15, and I promise you — it’s an enjoyable read.  And you will learn important tips to stay out of trouble.

Have you ever received a scam call, robocall or fake notice?  Please share your story.  Let’s help others out.

Summer Brides & Grooms — Don’t Marry an IRS Nightmare!

The questions has been popped, the ring is on the finger, and the wedding plans are in motion.

Tax and financial expert Abby Eisenkraft from REAL LIFE TAX ADVICE shares 3 important questions to ask your intended BEFORE you say “I Do”:

√   Ask your spouse-to-be if all tax returns have been filed, and if there are any outstanding balances.

Why?  If you file jointly next year, you may lose an expected refund.  And you don’t want to start your marriage in debt!

√   Ask your spouse-to-be if there are any back-year unresolved tax problems, including any open audits.

Why?  Tax problems come up at the most inopportune times.  They always crop up right before a vacation, wedding, big event, etc.  And if a tax problem is large enough, the IRS can confiscate your passport.  Sure way to ruin a honeymoon!

√  Ask your spouse-to-be for a “sit down” to compare your paystubs and ensure enough tax is withheld.

Why?  The choices you made when you were single might have worked for  you then, but may not work now.  You may find yourself in a new tax bracket, and there are other considerations when you have a change in filing status.  A small investment in some tax planning with a professional now may pay off handsomely in the future.

Congratulations to all of you summer brides and grooms.  If there is a tax problem, deal with it together.  You can sort it out before tax season, and maintain that marital bliss!

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